Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The wireless rabbit: Nabaztag

What is Nabaztag?

The cute wifi rabbit is another internet widget device, it connects to the community server online and user with the rabbit can use it as a medium to communicate. Sounds funny when you have a group of friends with the rabbit at home. The wireless rabbit can move its cute ear and also light up the RGB leds inside to express the feeling and mood. It is capable of using as Alarm clock, weather reporter and RSS feed readers.

The Internal

What surprise me is the hardware inside. The rabbit is using a PIC18F6525 MCU and a PCMCIA BenQ 802.11b wifi card. It is not so strong as I guess. The network software stack is done on the PIC including the TCP/IP stack and the 802.11 stack. It is hard to imagine to get all these stacks on a PIC, so they did it. One similar cool project I found is the WLAN for AVR project, I will consider to use uClinux if the cost is not really an issue:)

Some internal photos by Pokie

External Links

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Community Site:
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