Sunday, November 29, 2009



TI eZ430 Chronos Wireless Watch!

With the success of TI beagleboard, open source hardware project. The next move is TI wireless watch development tool, a watch that you can program with wireless capability.It includes all the development tools, and it costs only $49.

I am so excited to see how people make their own watch, and with capability to talk to your computer wirelessly, more cool applications can be developed.

It is coming on Mid-Dec, and the world wide version is coming on Feb, 2010.

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Playful Luminodot.

Luminodot is a puzzle like toy by BANDAI Japan. At first sight, it looks like a big color led matrix display to me. But it is only a plastic panel with many holes for you to put a colorful transparent tube to it. You can make any patterns on the panel and grow it in the dark. Sounds fun? let see the details.

What is inside the box?
1) Black Plastic Panel
2) Few bags of colorful tubes
3) DC power supply
4) Demo pattern sheets (from Disney in my version)

Close up of the colorful tubes:

You can see the tube is very long, so it is easy for you to put it into the hole and also useful for lighting it up.

Check out the black plastic panel:

Front View:


There are few high brigtness LEDs mounted on the bottom, when the led lights up, the silver reflector would make the lights distributed through out the box. The colorful tubes will light up too.

How to play:

Put a reference sheet in the middle layer of the box. Reference sheet is a paper with color pattern printed on it, it is a guide for you to put the color tubes.

Now you make it dots by dots:) Work hard.


Turn on the power, and now you can have a growing picture frame. There are 9 different lighting effects for you to choose also. More fun:)

Video Demo:

The luminodot website also provides a simulator to make your own pattern and print it out for your lumindot.

More information:

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chumby Guts Kit.

Makezine presents the Chumby Guts Kit.

What is the different between the guts kit and the ordinary Chumby device? One of the "Big" difference is that it doesn't has a fancy enclosure and you have to build it from scratch.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Growng Dress with 24000 LEDs.

Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz, whom made the "Galaxy Dress" with 24000 LEDS. They picked some very small RGB color led (2mmx2mm) to make this dress thin enough.

See the shinning dress:


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Speech to LED matrix marquee (Voice2LED)

Connecting a LED matrix to a computer, so you can program any text from computer to the LED matrix in real time is not new, but Josh got another cool idea combining the use of Google Voice.

Basically, you can dial to the Google Voice account and leave a message, the Google voice engine will convert the speech to text and send back to Josh's LED Matrix:)

The detail explanations and source codes are avaliable on Josh blog.