Friday, January 22, 2010

Living with Robots featuring ASIMO by Honda.

I have talked about the dream the impossible documentary series by Honda, the latest one is really cool which featuring the ASIMO:)

Check it out:

EZ-430 Chronos Wireless Watch controlled Door Entry System.

I have been waiting for cool projects using the TI EZ-430 wireless watch, and it comes up one today! You can unlock the door wirelessly by just taping the watch screen with a sequence. The sequence is then detected by the internal accelerometer and translated to a door lock pattern. If it is correct, it would unlock the door:)

Hard to say how cool is it, Lets see the demo! Cool Project, Ziyan!

Details of implementation:

Japanese Dancing Robot Doll.

A cute doll with the humanoid body. It is awesome!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Programming AVR tiny2313 with STK500.

I used AVR tiny13 for most of my small projects, now I am going to move on with tiny2313 because of more IOs available and also with UART support.

Kaasxxx wrote about programming AVR tiny13 with STK500, so I decide to write my small introduction on programming tiny2313.

Step 1. Connect the 6-wire ISP cable between ISP6PIN and SPROG3.

Step 2. Put the tiny2313 on the Socket SCKT3300D3.

I also connected pin PB0 to pin LED0 (as you see the green/yellow cable) to test my led blink test program on tiny2313.

I prepared for a led blink sample code with Makefile (avr-gcc and avrdude targeted for tiny2313), you should modify the download serial port name in the Makefile for your machine. You can download here: avr_tiny2313_led.tar.gz

Hope you found useful;)

Friday, January 1, 2010

AVR development on Ubuntu Linux.

I used Mac OS X for all my AVR developments so far.I got my netbook running Ubuntu and I want to use it for AVR developement recently. It is easier to get all the tools installed as I thought. The following commands do the magic:

sudo apt-get install gcc-avr
sudo apt-get install avr-libc
sudo apt-get install avrdude

Worked like a charm:)