Monday, February 18, 2008

Information on Integrated Circuit/IC Packaging.

Integrated circuit is the key component of every electronic project, it can be simple as logic gates, counter, multiplexer to highly complex microprocessor. When you buy IC online for your project, the same IC may have different packages, you have to choose the right package type for your prototype. For example, DIP, PLCC, BGA etc. This website (Integrated Circuit, IC Package Type) gives you a list of common package type definitions, you can get more information there. For me, I usually make my project on the wooden prototype board, so surface mount package type is not prefer unless I make the PCB myself. I usually used the DIP package for the microprocessor(MCU) and also the other IC, like 74HC595 and 555 Timer. It is easy for soldering and also wire wrapping.

#1 - Transistor with TO-92 package

#2 - MCU(AVR tiny13, DIP package) contains in a plastic tube.

#3 - 74HC595 IC in DIP package plugged into the wooden prototype board.

If you really want to find in depth information of the IC packaging type, please visit this website: Discrete Packaging (Fairchild Semi)

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