Thursday, December 3, 2009

Android on Beagleboard.

Recently, Moto announced the Android Media Platform (based on TI OMAP processor) which you can get started with Android. I looks good to me too, but no information on the pricing yet.

I tried the porting of Android on OMAP, which is called "rowboat" project. I followed the instructions there, you can build from scratch or simply download the binaries there. It works very well on my BeagleBoard. If you are interested in running Android on your beagleboard, I strongly recommend you to check this out:

Android for OMAP3 (rowboat)

A cool video showing the Android running on BeagleBoard:


jserv said...

Alternatively, feel free to try another Android distribution, 0xdroid:

Bitartist said...

Hey, you guys are amazing! I will try it!

Bitartist said...

Hi Jserv, how you guys make a life with open source company in taiwan (0xlab). If you have written somethings about that, may be you can give me the link, Chinese is fine for me:) I am just curious.