Friday, July 31, 2009

Toyota's humanoid robot.

We are familiar with the Honda "ASIMO" robot, one of the most advanced robot nowadays. I have visited the Honda welcome plaza and see the real ASIMO running, it is awesome. If you missed my post on ASIMO, do check it out here.

Toyota is not lagging behind in the robotic research, the new robot prototype showing a impressive 2 leg balancing and also it can run @ 7km/hour which is a little bit faster than the Honda ASIMO. Please check out the video below.

The robotic research is a hot topic in Japan, even the hobby RC humanoid robot is also available to the public, e.g. Robo-one. May be after 10-20 years, a humanoid robot is ready to serve you, and it is a Japanese branded robot of course:)

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