Saturday, May 30, 2009

Robo One humanoid robots get demostrated in Hong Kong.

Just get back from an event showing the robo-one humanoid robots in Hong Kong. For the readers who don't know what is Robo-one, Robo-one is a humanoid robot wrestling game in Japan, which is a one-on-one match. Each side controls a humanoid robot and tries to make another side fall on the ground. Many Japanese players create their own humanoid robot for the competition. The KYOSHO, a famous RF toys maker, produced 2 humanoid robots (MANOI PF01 & AT01) which can be played in robo-one. So now you can purchase one from kyosho and modify your own without building from scratch!

Some photos from the event:

# All robots

# MANOI AT01 in pink

# MANOI AT01 kicks ball

# MANOI PF01 cute look.

# Football time! Have fun.

Video of the Robo-one, Japan:

Awesome! right?

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