Monday, March 23, 2009

Atmel USB development board - Teensy.

Teensy USB development board is a low cost AVR USB developement board featuring 2 Atmel processor: AT90USB162 and AT90USB646.

The AT90USB162 model is only $19 each.

One of the highlights of this development board is its pre-loaded Teensy Loader, which can make programming your code to the board much easier. It comes with Linux, Windows and Mac OS X support too. The demo codes included USB keyboard, mouse and usb2serial, so help you making usb peripherals much faster! I would like to have them to add USB mass storage demo code:)

I didn't use any AT90USB series, but after reading the Teensy, it is quite similar to AVR 8-bit MCU in software perspective . It also supports the Arduino software development tools (Sketches).

Teensy USB development board

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