Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Android Development is fun.

Hi Readers (If any), may be you found out that I didn't update very often recently. It is because I am busy with my new HTC G1, it is a pretty cool phone! I joined android market and published two free android apps so far.

1) LunarCal
it is a Chinese calendar, so may only useful for Chinese.

2) WallCal
It draws a little calendar showing month, weekdays, date on your wallpaper, it is only a workaround solution to place a widget-like thing on the android phone desktop. So once google released the API to let developers to develop desktop widget, it will be EOL:)

If you are chinese, and also have an android phone, join me @ http://forum.androidhk.com/

Hope I can get back to hardware developments very soon:)

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