Sunday, July 6, 2008

CTC mode on Tiny13

There are two OC0A and OC0B compare outputs in Tiny13. It is useful to generate waveform . In this example, we use OC0A to output a square wave to blink the LED which is very similar to the previous timer interrupt example instead the output is generate inside Tiny13 but not our interrupt routine.

int main (void)
b0_output; //OC0A as led output

TCCR0B = 0x03; //select timer clkio/64

TCCR0A = (0x01)<<6 | 0x02; // Toggle OC0A | CTC MODE
TCNT0 = 0x0; //starting couter value

OCR0A = 0x7F; //around frequency @ 2.2HZ

//make the clk cpu slower
CLKPR = 1<<CLKPCE; //tell cpu to update the CLKPR

CLKPR = 0x8; //clkio = clkcpu/256

while(1) {
;; //interrupt do the rest

We set the output to be toggled every time the counter value match our OCR0A value. Thus, a square wave is generated:

The complete project can be found here:

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