Monday, January 4, 2010

Programming AVR tiny2313 with STK500.

I used AVR tiny13 for most of my small projects, now I am going to move on with tiny2313 because of more IOs available and also with UART support.

Kaasxxx wrote about programming AVR tiny13 with STK500, so I decide to write my small introduction on programming tiny2313.

Step 1. Connect the 6-wire ISP cable between ISP6PIN and SPROG3.

Step 2. Put the tiny2313 on the Socket SCKT3300D3.

I also connected pin PB0 to pin LED0 (as you see the green/yellow cable) to test my led blink test program on tiny2313.

I prepared for a led blink sample code with Makefile (avr-gcc and avrdude targeted for tiny2313), you should modify the download serial port name in the Makefile for your machine. You can download here: avr_tiny2313_led.tar.gz

Hope you found useful;)

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