Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cute 10x10 LED Matrix / SHARP LT5003D

Recently, some people ask me where to find the cute 10x10 led matrix showing in my AVR LED egg project.


You can see how small it is when compares to the normal 8x8 LED Matrix.

So where did I get it? I bought it from Tokyo, Japan. More precisely, it is Akihabara. Most of the people go there to buy anime, comic or electronic goods. But there are some shops selling electronic parts or even robot parts. Everytime, I go to Tokyo, I will go there to buy some interesting components which seems to be selling only in Japan. Between, the 10x10 Led matrix is SHARP LT5003D if you want to find it.


People are busy finding components or parts!

Next time when you are in Tokyo, remember to go there to have a look! May be you can find some good stuffs for your next DIY project!

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