Sunday, March 2, 2008

Small 5x7 Dot Matrix LED display

What is 5x7 dot matrix display?

5x7 dot matrix Led display is usually used to cascade together to make a large led matrix display as you see in train station.

(A typical LED matrix display)

The small size of 5x7 dot matrix led display is good for small electronic project, typically the 5x7 dot matrix is used to display one character a time, i.e. 5x7 dot matrix font. In order to use only one 5x7 dot matrix to display information, we have to use the 5x7 dot matrix horizontally. We use the 5x4 dot matrix font instead and of course text scrolling will be necessary.

The KAAS Led flower vase is using the 5x7 dot matrix display for displaying messages.

kaas used one AVR tiny13 and two 74hc595 chips to drive the led matrix, the result is very impressive. The detail information of the LED flower vase is here.

Another interesting project is the Twitter LED scroller Build from davidnin. He used the Arduino board and one 74HC595 to drive the 5x7 dot matrix led. Please check out the cool video:

Another project from us, GIF2LED!
it allows you to convert a gif animation to LED header file to speed up your coding time:)

Check it out:

Another cool tiny message scroller using ATtiny2313 from kalanda:

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Anonymous said...

"Twitter LED scroller" is a 5x8 dot display, not 5x7 dot.